Ever think of ordering
something else?

Ever think of looking
at what you’ve never seen?

Ever click older blogs to find
what you’ve missed
or overlooked?

Ever walk a tightrope?

Ever make a remark
about remaking
the flat pack
according to the diagram?

Ever make yourself
finish all of the carry-out?

Ever forced yourself
to follow ‘it’ through?

Ever do ‘it’ anyway for
the benefit of others?

Ever stay longer than necessary
At your work or play?

Ever say goodbye
just because you know
it’s the right thing to do?

Ever still ‘work it out’
when patience departs?

Ever finish it all tonight
Rather than wait until tomorrow
– maybe to resume?

Ever stay in bed all day
When you know
it’s what the doctor ordered?

Ever spin away
shaming the wrestler’s Grip?

Ever make the supper anyway
When you know it’s not your turn?

Ever mow the lawn
When Hay fever
says ‘stay away’?

Ever drop to your knees
In faith
to meet the Father’s Son?


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