Every Generation


Surreal serene
she’s part of the scene
Nimbly making her way
Across the grassy green

Forever and a day
And in a finely tuned
Tuneful tune
She offers an orange
Squirting, squeezed
Into segmental drips

Others partake
Without a quip
Or remark about
The generous gesture
That refreshes the group

Now’s the smile
Now’s the glance
From each to each
and turn about
This is fellowship
This is community
This is mixing with
the ‘right’ sort
This is an era of
take your picks

Dressed this way
dressed that
Any era will do
It’s all the same to you

This is community
Conference of cool
The latest remark
Remade remarks
Re-done in a different way
This is the art of conversation
This is the beat and off-beat
This is the street
of every generation

These are the poems
that express this and these
See anyone – who remembers
what it was like

And you can find…
You can hear them say
Something in the description
to impart…

…of their own understanding
A realisation
A conclusion based on
How they – in their day
Did similarly carry on

‘Cause yes it is true
There is nothing new
…under the sun.

It just keeps repeating
generation to generation

There is raging
and pause
and peace
and greetings

and all know the rules
of the conglomerate
the unspoken rules
the –
‘as a result of choosing’ rules

No one knows where
the ball of your culture
did start it’s roll

But the look at,
the talk of,
the surprise expressed
when not conforming

the silent censor
of the censorious look
says it all

Want to be part of
– mostly innocuous –
just keep the unspoken rules
and pass the sauce…

Coffees, barbecues, beaches
billiards, balls, beats…

Off to another country now
Pacts made
see the world
every generation
every era
all do this
all go through this

all acquiesce to ages change

now another category
to embrace as older we get…


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