What to read


Don’t want to read what makes me choke
I don’t want to read what only provokes

I want to read art
I wan’t to read about being – set apart

I could read other stuff
But I won’t pretend – or bluff

There’s a lot to read out there
But it all ends in the end

There’s a lot of despair
It’s uncontrollable – too much to bear

I can read other literature
But I prefer what is pure

I Might not agree with you
You might not agree too

I think of the bloggers afraid to look
At the content of the Book of books.

As we think – so we are
But every brain has gone too far

Shackles bound – ‘thought feet’ in snare.
The same mistakes – perpetual defeat

But there’s also:
The mystery ordained for the glory of some
Partaken of – by the chosen ones

Out of sight man
Way outa sight

Hope’s on the horizon
It’s time – the time has begun

‘The end is nigh…’
On a billboard – creates a sigh.

Can’t get past it’s ridiculous outcry
To find that it’s true for you and I ?


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