Let me ask you…


So let me ask you.
If I was a scientologist would you read what I wrote?
What about a Bahai person – would that
float your boat?
How about a feminist expounding my view
Would that do it for you?
A politician – now there’s a thought
Can you engage in political talk?
How about an enthusiastic fisherman
Is that boring enthusiasm you don’t understand?
Then what about plastic surgeon talk
Delete from computer screen – and go for a walk?
Is there any mileage in any other religion?
Or perhaps you fancy animal talk
how about a pigeon?
Can I interest you in purchasing art?
Or does the blogosphere mean we are too far apart?
You know I could go on forever and a day
But just let me have one more piece of ‘say’
(Hat’s on…)
I’m a Christian evangelist – does that make your day?
Or does it make you want – to run away?



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