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Pop Festival

Pop Festival

Pop Festival – I suppose that’s what we called it
One in particular was a turning point for me
Plumpton near Brighton, if correct my memory be

With beer in hand – running, startled, at sudden sound
The Festival had begun – this was a beckoning call
Running with a friend – ‘it’s about the music, that’s all’

But the atmosphere on me was dark and lost
I didn’t understand it’s foggy devilment
Only that the darkness was not heaven sent

Extremity of hopelessness – lost and undone
I tried to grasp why? Everything should have been fine
But a battle was ensuing for this soul of mine

I stood up and danced before all
Reaching for the sky for some answer – not found
Feet in the air, but soul on the ground

Inner conflict, doubt, confusion and all
Pain and hurt, depressed, with chagrin
‘Why am I here?’ ‘What has brought me to this bin?’

Many thoughts – none making sense
Laughed at, mocked and told to sit down
Fearful, confused, thinking myself a clown

Ashamed and something else,

I got over it – and carried on my way
Living to fight another day

But many months later
The lost was found
as Grace came after
That shadowy time –
and tears turned to laughter

It’s the way the Christ always works
Drawing near to the tears of despair
Sending to flight the power of the air

Dark and lost devilment
From the heart that cries out
– has to leave –
when faith replaces doubt

Its a strange language to others
when a man can say –
I met Jesus today.


Back to Front

(A fictional dialogue based on an incident
that took place between my grandparents,
– on my mother’s side.
To be passed down in oral tradition to the
subsequent generations)


Kirky – you’re putting those dungarees on
Back to Front!

I’ve been putting on dungarees this forty years
And you’re telling me how to put them on?

You’re putting them on back to front

Do you work in the factory?

What are you talking about – ?

Well you seem to know a lot about dungarees.

No, it’s just you are putting them on back to front.

My – I wish I had your knowledge of dungarees.
I’d start my own dungarees factory if I had.
And I would sew into the trouser leg:
‘How to put on dungarees ’
That way – wives wouldn’t have to tell
their husbands how to put dungarees on
I mean there’s two legs there
Not just one
So it’s easy to get mixed up
When there’s so many legs to choose from
And, and, – there is all those straps to contend with…
And buttons
You could tie yourself in knots trying to sort those out
So anyway, a man of my experience in dungarees
Is putting them on yet again – after forty years doing so.



Your’e putting those dungarees on back to front.



I find it difficult to pluck up enthusiasm about
anything political.

If a fellow Christian wants to rebuke me and exhort me to vote, based on the idea of responsibility then I better take it like a man, and start familiarising myself with the candidates and the issues, and respond to that brother’s correction.

But I’m afraid I still say: I find it hard to pluck up enthusiasm about politics.

And that is because I see two kingdoms in existence.
A natural kingdom and a spiritual kingdom.

I see also that I have rendered The King of kings very limited service. And so in what time I have remaining – I want to ‘seek FIRST…’ this spiritual kingdom.
(Matthew 6/33)

But I realise that for those of us who are followers of Christ, we must find God’s will – individually, and we each are answerable individually – for how we use our time, thought-life, and ministry.

If ‘seeking first the kingdom’ means you have heard the command of the King to put your hand to some political plow, then who am I to say otherwise?

What a great challenge though – when it comes to politics – you must not only have a myriad of opinions on a myriad of issues but you must manifest the savour of Christ.

II Corinthians 2/14.
But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us spreads and makes evident everywhere the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of Him.

In all you say and do there is the added realisation that you do not wrestle with your political opponents but with principalities and powers…

Ephesians 6/12:
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

And in all your deliberations you must manifest tolerance and compassion and show the same Amazing Grace that has been shown to you, whilst ‘debating’ with those of a different persuasion.

You must stand for what is right and wrestle with all the grey areas that this world’s quota of God-forsakers has cast up through violation of God’s principles.

You might think that I’m speaking from experience in politics?


Just thinking of what is expected of me in my everyday life, which thankfully does not include constantly having to face those who oppose my beliefs, never mind on top of this – my political beliefs. As would be the case for someone working in politics.

I am instead seeking revelation of truth regarding such scriptures as the one I am now closing with:

II Timothy 2/4
No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.

I guess each Christian has to outwork his own salvation on a scripture such as this.

For those who have to walk the political trail, every blessing, as you have a great challenge to face, as you also set yourself to ‘walk in the Spirit…’

He is writing a poem…

(Poetic Fiction)

He is writing a poem,
he is writing a poem..
Hush… he is writing a poem…

“And what will it be?”
says you to me:

‘Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here’s what she said to me’.

‘No – that is plagiarism
drop down on your knee
repeat after me –
I shall not plagiarise’

But I have come to see
how it is done
By partaking of this unfurled song!

‘That’s as it may be
But write your own songs
from memory’

The toothpick fell
from his mouth
And he didn’t like
unwrapping another

So I put the pen back
onto the page
and wrote my poem
internally running
from his rage

I handed it across
the covered table
he took it to his nose
And explored it’s every word
Thirty-six in number

Then he cast it
to the side
upon the table cover

But, (and though
he smiled),
I knew it did not please

I was his pupil and
not the pupil of another

He always wanted it – his way
– no room for compromise
even if poems were better
not following
his rule of thumb.

I looked again
at my work
and it gave an inner glow
That’s it…

Rising – I departed
in my overcoat
to face the cold dark night
never to slope
back into his vicinity again

I heard many years later
He was gone

at the end of a rope.



and in the crowds
pairs of individual –
legs, feet, arms, eyes, ears,

And in the crowds
hurry, hassle, hustle and bustle

Like a tornado of individual notes
tapping the ground
in rush and sway
and clamour
and pushing
and shoving
and astonishment

Onlookers stare,
‘where and how
and what
is this all about?’

Building now to crescendo
riotous behaviour
as space appears allowing
each small skirmish

violent – is it drug induced?
alcohol fuelled?
mis-matching blows

individuals falling
– trodden on
– screaming
– horror
– pain

still the onlookers look
standing clear
far enough away

viewing but not pursuing
indifferent to the unknown cause

of such wild abandonment
what’s the cause?
what’s the cure?
what’s the year?

you name it
you have seen it before
what cause will you stick this crowd to?

The issues are built up to boiling release
to torturous abandonment
of principles
– no love no compassion

no time for such things
‘too much injustice’ they began to cry

but now all refrain – has left
now all is lost
in devilment

now –
only hurt, resist, kill,
– will do.

and the aftermath?

no words can tell
for all have become blind

sorrow and regret and
‘it was worth it’ cliches.

All injured parties
are all parties
all rioters are seeking
pain relief

all involved –
fade away
living to fight another day
causes cause this –
what cause justifies this?

“You pacifist with your word-fists
and pen mightier than the sword,
what do you offer?
we have no need of cheeks to turn,

we have no need of peace to return
until the day when we cry ‘Victory!’
we will not rest
and with the next generation
we will leave an inheritance
of blood sweat and tears –
this has been hard won”
we will say

and proud we be, as we fall into
the ground
‘we did it for you’
last breath will say

(but this is no proper war)
and all will pass away

Whole lot of shaking going on

Whole lot of
shaking going on

Shaking of nations
of grounds
of peoples
of morals
of finance
of climate
of foods
of life

Shake it up baby now…
but it isn’t baby – twisting and shouting

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on
And what falls out of the shaking bag…?
and when you look – what’s left?

Through shaking
What gets spread all about?
What shock tremors still to come?

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on

What will remain?
what will be gone?
will you be gone?
what of your family?
what of your future?

What of
shaken to the inner core?

What if…?

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on
And it isn’t rock and roll, and who can like it?

There’s a whole lotta shakin’…
– and there will be.
Add it to your song Jerry Lee

There’s a whole lot of shaking going on
This world is dying
And a dying cause

‘Cause there’s a whole lot of shaking going on
and we will reap what we sow
and this we oughta know.

“Look on the bright side”
the man did say
“Look on the bright side all the way”

All the way?
through the shaking of men’s hearts
failing them for fear?
‘cause there’s a whole lot of shaking going on?

“It is most pronounced”
the stiff upper lip did say
“It’s strange”
the busy man agreed
“It’s always been”
the short-sighted surmised
“Who can fathom it”
the lazy mind dismissed

Theres a whole lot of shaking going on
Theres a whole lot of shaking going on
Who can stand it’s day?

It’s a lot to savour
And it needs the Saviour.

Isaiah 24/19-20
The earth is violently broken,
The earth is split open,
The earth is shaken exceedingly.

The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard,
And shall totter like a hut;
Its transgression shall be heavy upon it,
And it will fall, and not rise again

‘Same ol’ same ol’…’

‘Same ol’ same ol’…’

I imagine we are all familiar with that statement.
What is normally meant by it is: “We don’t have a lot to report. Not much happening. Nothing really any different than usual”.

We are restless in our natures. Everyone is motivated or de-motivated by different thoughts and different things.

In some cases, for the person working a 9 to 5 – it’s getting through the working day – motivated by the thought of a relaxing evening (especially if you have sore feet).

For those not working, but still restless over proper use of their time – well, we could list the hobbies, but suffice to say motivated by the next mini or maxi ‘project’.

Some are extremely ambitious. They love projects and climbing ‘the chain of command ladder’ in their employment, can be one of them.

However, some get so sick of this (they call it the rat race) that they provide – ‘copy’ or ‘script’ – for documentaries on ‘Why they gave it all up to go and live in outer Mongolia’.

They are certainly motivated in a
new way out there.

Monetary gain, world fame, being the best at…, sensual satisfaction of one kind or another, and the ‘interested in…’ list which is never ending, – can provide motivation to get on with life, and it’s presumed enjoyment.

Too many have been waylaid by involvement in an addiction to drugs of one kind or another, losing all motivation except for an addictive drive for the next fix.

In light of the awful things some folks have had to endure, or go through, the last thing they need is some moralist stuck up in the gallery somewhere, who looks down and ‘tut-tuts’.

But it’s also true that without co-operation of some kind – from a person whose life has been full of trial and tribulation and in context: addiction, then little can be done to help regardless of the prescribed solution.

Often a genuine and sincere will – to help, is not enough. Especially if those who are addicted cannot bring themselves to see the one helping as anything more than a possible provider of that next fix.

The person helping becomes the abused, rejected or manipulated ‘victim’ of a false accusatory form of guilt-oppression, because they don’t give-in to the needy person’s next whim.

They patiently try to help, with long-suffering, forgiving ‘490 times’, overlooking the anger and mental or physical attack upon their person, as they try to stay focused on providing that help, only perhaps to succumb eventually, to throwing in the towel.

Who can possibly call that one? – When to stop and give up on someone I mean?

Stopping may be an option, but giving up shouldn’t be.

Perhaps this someone – is ‘hell-bent’ on self-destructing.

Most(?) folks have a part of them that wants to help others.

And the Christian is supposed to be the ‘extra-mile’ person who will endure, to bring the person into the ‘recovering…’ category.

When the disciples of Jesus couldn’t handle a given situation they (and this is the key) handed things over to their Master.
(Matt. 17/17-19. Mark 9/9, 9/18, 9/28. Luke 9/40).

Do you hand things over to Him? Starting with your life?

Well sorry, but at some point, human nature even in the person you most trust, will falter and fail.

But the one who took upon Himself human nature – the one it isn’t always easy to ‘see’ in a given situation – will stick by you, longer than anyone else, in fact if you ask Him He will do it for all eternity.

Proverbs 18/24
A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

I started with ‘Same ol’, Same ol’.
I finish with
‘His mercies are NEW everyday’ (Lamentations: 3/22-23)

‘Reach out for Him – He’ll be there, with Him your troubles you can share…’ (lyrics: Van Morrison)