Obscure Poetry


You have chosen your words
But what do they mean?
You have chosen your line distribution
Are they more plain to be seen?

You have a subject in-there somewhere
Hidden outta sight for others to find
The words are well chosen
But lack communication of any kind

Shall I marvel at your choice of words
When the meaning is absurd?
Or is there no meaning at all
In the juggling of each word?

What do you hear – what do you say
What is it conveying as I slowly depart
Is this obscurity – enigmatically –
Some kind of art?

Are you influencing me – unconsciously?
What am I getting at – in what I have to say?
When I’m trying to sort you out
Am I too – losing my verbal way?

Inaccessible to the average mind
Get on track – Hey Jude or Get Back

Your audience can’t get your drift
Readers are baffled,
– ask them –
just to check

Disjointed thoughts you make,
Poetic words of different strengths
No narrative or explanation or point
Just poetry-words of differing lengths

Clever word exposures
or authorship of posers?

But ‘shut-down-communications’
Make sore heads – that make exclamations:

‘What’s this about?’
‘They’re writing poems –
but leaving us out’.

Well it seems to me
     Words have their own life
     Individually wrapped,
     But let’s not pretend
     When strung together
     in this manner or that
     They are a secret society
     Of the initiated
     While we all –
     are left out of sight.


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