The Fun Element

The Nutty Machine (early photoshop)

I have periods of non-activity (or ‘productivity’ if you like), regarding my art.

This is 99% the result of either doing other things, and not having the time, or in the winter not wanting to go and heat my ‘studio’ (i.e. shed 😎)

It almost never – is the result of the painter’s equivalent of  ‘writer’s block’.

Simply because my paintings start with anything. I do not spend hours deliberating over subject matter, pre-planned composition, preliminary studies, or photoshoots until a choice image arrives in my decision making channel.

In earlier work of course the ‘normal’ paths were sometimes followed and the paragraph (written above) isn’t a definitive conclusion, else even this expressed ‘freedom’ is restrictive.

Anything will do – “why there is a shoe on the cover of a magazine peeking out from a bunch of magazines…

How about a painting of a shoe then? Why not”.

It will get lost or absorbed of course, amongst the multitude of marks and washes and intuitive decisions based on often illogical (or if you like academically incorrect) thought processes – once the painting begins.

The one-trick pony has started his ‘trot’.

Picasso was a great doodler. It is not a statement of artistic ‘political correctness’ to say so. To liken the master to a doodler – that’s a no no.

You are immediately ex-communicated from any elitist art world circles you might purport to feel part of, by such an amateurish description of the maestro.

There is for me, not a lot to admire in Pablo the man. But his inventiveness as an artist produced great designs.

As the years go by – I seem to leave much art jargon behind. I have read, understood and appreciated much of it. But I balance the intellectual pursuit of art with common sense.

I think my purpose in this short post – is to simply say when painting pictures or viewing them – have fun. It’s ok to do so.

With or without ‘sophisticated’ thought, don’t lose the fun element.

Art and more specifically painting for me, is like seeing pictures in the clouds – everybody will see something different. And it’s ok to do so.
There are very serious artists. And if being serious and dedicated to art more as a craft is the yardstick to judge it by. Then I guess that relegates me to ‘Sunday Painter’ status. And I’m actually fine with that.

I think we are far down the road of time now, and the times they are a changin’ still. But we can appreciate creativity wherever we find it.

Creative enjoyment is a gift, not to be sneezed at – and for me it must include ‘fun’.


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