Mankind’s communication dilemma


You don’t understand.
You don’t understand a thing.
I’ve told you and you still don’t get it.

You look at me with that blank look of incredulity.
But I’m telling you – you just don’t get it.

What shall we do with this state of being?
Does it – can it – exist?

Could you justifiably be on the receiving end of such an accusation?
Is there something you can’t perceive?

Even when you hear it like it is. You interpret it to mean something else.

You even like what is said – because it goes through the sieve of your own mind – and comes out the other side meaning what you want it to mean.

But not what it really means.

It sounds good to you – but you just do-not-get-it!

You don’t really get it. And you might never get it?

Even though you are oblivious to the fact that you don’t get it – by virtue of your misinterpretation, is there any chance of the penny dropping and change coming into your life, through finding out what it really means?

If such a scenario exists, and you are being told that it does – where do you go from here, when you are convinced that you do get it – when actually you don’t?

Where do you go from here?

(If someone else had written this post – and I was reading it – I would consider that the next question would be:- “What is it I am not getting?”)


5 thoughts on “Mankind’s communication dilemma

  1. Wow! This hits home. I have come to the conclusion that people who don’t get it, will never get it. I think it has something to do with selective hearing. My other conclusion is if it is someone you love weather it may be a family member or your spouse even your partner. You can either walk away from them or accept the fact that they will probably never get it and love them for who and what they are. :o) Make sense????

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    1. Great – thats ok – thats the dilemma… The Lord said: ‘How is it you don’t understand…?’ Where did the disciples go from there? (Matt. 16/11) The fact mankind can’t get the plain truth, never mind a slightly ‘difficult’ (written that way on purpose 😎 post). Thank God we are told v12 ‘Then understood they…’ So we can go from not understanding to understanding. Of course we can write using ‘great plainness of speech’ but nice to throw a curved ball now and again! Thanks David.

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  2. “Great plainness of speech” … that’s the key right there. Why speak in circles when the straight truth is the best path? Jesus was the exception, using parables to keep from the spiritually blind what they wouldn’t accept even if they did understand.


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