Criminal’s Conversion

(Poetic Fiction for Truth)

“I never did listen to what he had to say
I always brushed him aside – out of the way”
Said the criminal about the policeman,
“Closed my ears inaugurating some kind of a ban”.

After all, we were worlds apart
I didn’t know the rules for a start
He was so ‘keep-keep’ the law
I was so ‘sweep-sweep’ – it away –

And then ’cause I’d broken all the rules
They tried to reform me – by using various tools,
(I, having ended up in here, out of harm’s way)
– But their ‘tools’ never included the need to pray

I came into brokenness and
an inner reaching out
I rose up and embraced every destroyer of doubt
I was converted in the deep recesses
of my being
Chiefly the Bible became my new way of seeing

And now I can’t understand how dumb I could be.

Walking in new life – the truth making me free
I see clearly in an enlightened way

‘Seek and you will find’ is all I can say.


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