Still the words go on writing themselves
Humans use them to the nth degree

Still the sentences form and communicate
But what they say is –
what they see

‘always say’ is what they say…

What is to be said?
What’s it gonna be?

The low income person speaks of resentment
he speaks resentfully

Because of making do

The rich man resents –
speaking words resentfully –
wanting more wealth still

The star stud – exclaims his egocentric world
for all to hear
Using words – his ideas do appear

The sportsman’s words ‘we played well’
‘…but we were weak in the second half’
his limited vocabulary still gives opinion
as to why it was a draw…

The cappuccino friend pours out his woe
to his fellow cappuccino

over coffee
words are spilled

The prattling words on the street
echo up the walls to keep the man from sleep

And the obsessed with hurt
repeat themselves
over and over
looking for the relief that words ‘got out’ might give

And the words accumulate ad infinitum
in the circumstances of life

the tower of babel has been built
despite the scattering of the sheep

Sheep without a shepherd
word after word
they bleat

And it’s no surprise dictionaries are added to
And it’s no surprise – added to – is added to
And it’s no surprise we are all in the word business

To find a way to sort things out

But words that are cheap
fall away
Words follow
after each day

Words of incompleteness
for it never will be unitedly said

That there is only one Word
Who speaks what is prayed

And the rest?

The foolishness of fools
do darken counsel
with words
of no understanding.

The zest for words goes on
the lyrics in every song

We can’t get enough of words
human language
newspaper words
splurge after splurge

of ten to twelve to fourteen point
I cohabited with for years

the – printed – spoken – exchanged –
of a dying world,

words of a dying race


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