Favourite words


Igloo is a word I seldom use
In fact, it’s one, I never choose

Marzipan is a word I like
but don’t give me marzipan, or I’ll go on strike

Glue is a strange word don’t you think?
It’s the brother of Goo,

I also like – Mink,

Lasso is another wondrous word
Full of loops, flicks and tricks – quite absurd

Sanitise, now there’s a cool collection of letters
It stands alone – disinfected – free from all fetters

And lastly what about Firstly
On the dot – never secondly or thirdly

With passing reference to last:
‘Last but not least…’ will have to do, it’s all I’ve got

Come to think of it
It’s a struggle to rhyme these intrusive things
Too many favourite words –
you can see the trouble it brings.


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