‘The Word’ before words

‘The Word’ before words

Dylan penned it:
‘…wiggle wiggle wiggle…’
and TV talkin’ song

Not so well known
yet, like the potter to the wheel
– well thrown

He’s the wordsmith man
listen to him while you can

But there are millions at
this wordsmithing skit
as though all are smit

However In the multitude of words
there are none so fair
as words from
the Master’s lips
saying ‘meet me in the air’

Where is the rock solid
everlasting mansion
to dwell in?
It is beyond the scene of time.

It can be glimpsed, I assure you
take His word for it,
before you take mine.

For the Master’s words
are spirit and life
quietening trouble and strife

If only we could get past
all the other words
that climb and grasp
and ring our minds apart

The words of promised good times
that elusively slip away
and leave only emotion
to try and relive the day

The insufficiency of human resource
is a blessing in disguise
as we grasp in faith and longing
the eternal thread
beyond – all earthly surmise

‘When all else fails’ is the saying
so they say
but much more and before
you get to utter this
seek and you shall find

make that the business
of your day

Press into the kingdom
with loudness and fiery prayer
or be still and know
before you drift away

We’ve got to be consistent –
persistent if you may
to find the hidden treasure drawn
from the heavenly sphere

Those words of life in all He had to say
come welling to the top
and out
through the door of inner joy

And responding in word and deed
the truth to grasp
we see a fuller life before us
and we know that it will last.

(see John 1/1)


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