A ‘what you need’ Christmas (?)


Something to think about that’s what you need
No, something to do – that’s what you need
No, some cause to serve that’s what you need
No, a holiday to take your mind off things
No, what you need is a long black leather coat
No, a period of quiet reflection on where you have been

That won’t do…

What you need is a lolly pop
A stroll in the park
A sleep after dark
A brand new five pound note
A brand new ten dollar bill
A chunky choker-neck pullover
A balanced diet
A haircut
A moustache trim

No, that won’t do – you need something else?
No, not something else…a change of scenery
No, a period of gymnastic exercises
No, a calm countenance when your boss shows
No, a new photograph album
No, a new painting to hang on the wall…

What do you need?
Need? What about greed?

Doing for others and maybe –
‘God’s speed’

Yes a drink of water
Yes a bit of butter
Yes cornflakes and milk
Yes friends
Yes a new camera lens
Yes a visit to Baltimore
Yes a touch of class
Yes the seven wonders of the world
Yes …ending poems
Yes bending for a stretch and a yawn
Yes what do you Need?

Yes – No?
Have a think – that’s what you need
Have a think what you need
Have another try at knowing
What you need

My! – we are all a strange breed!
Not knowing what we need.


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