Earthly Utopia


They strolled confident in their own
insular internal world.
Part of the scene.

The up and coming generation
in their new scene

Adults – those gone before – responsible for bringing them into the world
didn’t understand
or so
the understanding
of the teens ‘n twenties
did affirm

They strolled on by…

…On by the buildings on each corner, on by the buses and cars, stopping and starting, on by the geeks, and business people, the booted and suited and ordinary souls, on by the out-of-it, on by the traditionally bound, on by the non-heads, on by the suburban mice, entrenched in their nine to five lives, – no turning on, no tuning in, no dropping out,.
On by the traffic wardens dressed to bill, on by the shop windows of expensive clothes, on by the bowler hats, on by the policemen, on by the tramps, on by school kids, from whom they were only – once removed.

At last their destination reached – the pub, to partake of their ritualisational, recreational, idol worship, of pint of beer. To sit and pose and postulate and pontificate and predicate on all things under the sun, but chiefly music and progressive rock, and stuff, allowing the odd mundane surmise to interrupt, while conversational dole queue endurance was shared to mutually sympathise, – safe in the arms of being set apart and not being a part – of society as it was – by and large as the majority sees it. Back in the day, long gone away – when a better world was supposed, and all would eventually be well, more well than before, with mind expansion – such was pseudo – as later found out, – and making relationships that didn’t last but smelt of lasting – in earthly utopia’s forever, these would change from day to day or week to week, like ascending vapour all encompassed in physical attraction only – or mostly, – and where was this generation heading? – out the exit to an entering into – of a new set of thoughts that wasn’t knew at all – but became another version of all that was previously shunned.

And now as I reflect on this – gone past – back in the day – ‘what pray – do ye conclude?’

’Tis far detached from me…’
‘The liberty that endures and did replace

– that – found I’.


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