Where to go…

Helping hands (Mixed media)

Where to go…

I thought I might share the thought processes that accompanied this piece of work.

So here I am, in front of the blank piece of paper.
I use cheap paper of varying kinds to do my art work.

I hear a large exclamatory gasp from the art community – as they cringe at this unprofessional approach.

As a result of the poor quality paper – it means that sometimes I have to ‘sacrifice’ the luminosity enhancement that the paper shining through can give.

So to compensate when posting some of the pieces I have to add computer brightness. This enhancement means it can be a little untrue to the original (in this case there is little difference).

When starting to paint – I do not always wait for a subject or idea, but start to move the pen.

So in this case, I started to draw the face of the figure to the right.

Drawn with no pre-meditated idea of a naturalistic depiction, stylised rendition, or cartoon-like drawing, subject, narrative, or anything else.

As it turned out it became somewhat cartoonish. But then what is a cartoon?

Often my work combines a comglomerate of stylised genres. I like being this free.

So as I began to draw the face – I continued the body with no attempt whatsoever to get it ‘right’ -naturalistically.

In fact it was decidedly wrong (but I don’t bat an eyelid at this, as it is not my intention to get it right).

Proper anatomy goes out the window.

Then having finished the first figure – the ‘idea’ came to combine it with a large overweight gentleman, and of course, so large, that he needed help to negotiate the beach.

When the painting became a beach scene with rocks etc. there came a tension between naturalistic rendition and free-flowing fun.

Tension between drawing/painting things properly i.e. naturalistically and the – intuitive line balancing and shape arranging that I enjoy most.

The problem was – the figure was badly drawn if we think naturalistically.

Or comparatively – the surroundings were getting too naturalistic. And so I changed the figure in an attempt to correct it naturalistically.

I did so reluctantly feeling I had left myself no other option, unless I altered the whole painting to go in the opposite direction. But I could find no sense of direction, for this.

The figure changed and he now looked at the viewer, rather than walking away. Still drawn imperfectly, I nevertheless let it stand as is.

So the anatomy-less cartoonish figures and the semi-realistic surroundings combine to give a hybrid.

Surface unity with marks out of ten? Hmmm? – 7.

I prefer everything exaggerated so that the whole painting is rendered naturalistically out of step, but unified.

Or conversely naturalistically right and in step.

Instead – this is a ‘half-way house’, that, I hope, still might be working?


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