Dishevelled Lines

Parched as a pineapple
Meaning the outer shell
Dry as a dried up well
Hard as a seashore shell
Sure as ‘a something beginning with…’
Uncertain as a double mind
Pure as the driven snow
Falling apart like the antithesis of ‘don’t fall apart on me tonight’
Forlorn as a fog horn and suspended like a 20th century bridge
Happy as a happy clappy time
Rich as a pauper – who’s the last man on earth
Skinny as a rake, blasé as they say,
Sharp as an arrow honed
Bold as a lion, or a rampaging bull
Smart as a Professor, dumb as a wise damsel being provoked
Loose as a noose, waiting for guilt
Round as a tummy about to give birth
Full as a lord, blocked in himself
Fit as a fiddle in the hands of the maestro
Cringing like a dog badly treated.
Smiling like an unsuspecting job loser
Acting like a maggot acting the maggot.
Brown as a chocolate in extreme sun heat
Outgoing as outgoing to people we meet
Introvert as a Rodin’s thinker with sore muscles in a pose
Dishevelled as these clickety-clack lines I’ve written or wrote
Finished like this ending – sudden and unprovoked.


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