Before the sweet by and by


This is a poem about a subject that has not yet appeared – as I write.

As I slowly advance and the brain’s buttons are pressed one by one there might be something in sight

Yes – advancing slowly and all the rest
I see I shall make it about – ‘carefulness’ or ‘distress’

You see being careful is good, not to be refused
But there is a careFULL ness that is anxiety in disguise

Misappropriating ‘cause for concern’ leads to depression and a frozen person
That kind of concern is depression leading to fears coercion

     [Until you are battered into a corner
     Tied up in knots with heavy burdens
     So watch for it and don’t let it advance]

Instead casting all your care upon the Son of God’s assertions
He promises to be with you all the time
In your youth, old age or prime

But you must move towards Him in prayer that reaches high
Until you encounter the Son now – before the sweet by and by.


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