The Riddle of Life?


Yes but what really counts for you?

There you go through the daily routine unavoidably –
you wash, you clothe,

shoes on,


TV news,
with porridge,
and toast

and on and on
in daily monotonies
as you would say
‘blah blah…’

But what’s wrong with ‘on and on’
– what’s wrong with that?

We do the routine
We do the work thing
We do the – coming home thing
in car, in scooter, in public transport

we do the train
conversations –
‘held up as usual’
– thing

Heh! we exchange
the weather
with our neighbour

Heh! we do the
big (train carriage) yawns
and the exchanging of niceties
and not so niceties
with strangers
– if they will engage

We do the
holding in reserve
non-communication thing

the ‘nowadays’ thing… –

‘nowadays you never know
who you are talking too’ – thing

But every once and awhile
we meet someone who
speaks our language

We are pleasantly surprised
– They understand

’til we reach our divide

At which point
we tolerate them –
as they do us

Friendship will always be at

‘a’ level

Like the car driving up the next ramp
level 2 – level 3 – level 4…
friendship can grow

My oh my!
Those big city ‘levels’
they have some
kind of
capacity to hold
those cars

various in shape and size and
colour and character and
capacity and tenacity
to hold the climb

thus friendship can last.

Leaving your level –
lifts are sought next

and engagement entered into
with the other 4 people
in the mobile hatch elevator –

you are the ring leader
and the communicator
they laugh at your funnies

leaving the lift – lifted.
You took the time to engage

Now to work –
it’s through the door
past a
‘good morning sir…’
type person
who doesn’t engage

Still he will enjoy
the brandy ball sweet
you slip into his hand

or is his acceptance
just being polite..?

…In case you put in a complaint
for his refusal to handle brandy balls

he is afraid you might sue him
or worse still – the firm.

“He showed utmost contempt
for my welfare refusing
to take my brandy
ball sweet your honour”

Politically incorrect behaviour
for a door man
who somehow,
didn’t like brandy balls

I mean?

In and
to your desk

Dealing with ‘down’
in your
usual way

A phone call to somebody

But a phone call this time
to book the tickets
for the show
you will go to
in the evening

but what really counts for you?

How did that thought get in here?

I read it somewhere…

in a post approx.119 lines ago

What really counts for you/me?

A man has to earn a living
And entertain himself

And have philosophical discussions
And reach philosophical conclusions
of a terribly inferior kind

we all do the everyday thing

I’m going to start
to rhyme it now – ok?

In the busy-ness of life
In the midst of trouble and strife
Can you pause to stretch
your mind
Just a little past

your kind
conscience appeasement –

to charity
of money

Remember Samson and the honey?

Will there be a riddle to know?
Will there be an answer to give?
Do you know the sweetness
at the lion’s place for whelps?

Will you be wiped by Samson
or will you solve the riddle of life:
that answers the question –

…what really counts for you?


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