Everyday usage – expressions


A ‘no go area’ is a dangerous place
We must tread softly or don’t tread at all.
It can also be a metaphorical description for things that are presented to us during our journey in life, roads of ‘philosophy’ not to go down. (Colossians 2/8)

‘Suspect’ – something that is ‘suspect’.
We have all had that experience.
The gentleman trying to sell you something on the street. The quality is ‘suspect’.
The car salesman who is telling you some things about the car that are too good to be true. ‘Suspect’ – you think.

“Pulling the wool over your eyes” – by condescension, feigned humility, flattery – you are in beware mode – you’ve been there before and have been burnt.

‘Off centre’ – it sounds good, it sounds ‘ok’, but there is something not adding up. You think it/feel it.
So rather than take a chance you err on caution.

And lastly you respond: “I had one of those but the wheels came off!” – Perhaps you have not heard that one?

It is a proffered humorous response to someone telling you about something you know nothing about, or using words you have not heard before, or don’t understand.

So I will never try to pull the wool over your eyes, but I suspect you think I should tread softly when telling you the truth, in case you think I’m off-centre, and too good to be true. But you can trust my posts, they add up to an honest and sincere expression. You can enter this safe no go area, no need to err on caution. It all adds-up to Blessings. I think the only wheels I’ve known to come off – were the ones on my wooden cart as a child.



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