Nothing would do, but that she put this person right!

So she marched up to the assistant dealing with the customer and butted in, interrupting their conversation and verbally pouncing on the man.

“Do you realise that you have hemmed me in? Your car is right up to my tail end and I can’t get out!” she exclaimed.

“Your tail-end looks like it’s nowhere near my car…” was the customer’s response.

Suddenly that did it – the humour completely broke the anger and even the lady who had been wronged burst into laughter.

“But I have lived to tell the ‘tail’…” She continued.

More laughter all round.

“That’s a bumper response…” said the man

More laughter.

“Hope I don’t get ‘tyred’ telling you about this.”

The assistant chimed in: “Is this automatically resolved then…?”

More laughter.

Terrible humour – but when the laughter starts – the anger goes…

Proverbs 15/1:
A gentle answer makes anger disappear, but a rough answer makes it grow.


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