Riverside Stroll


A normal stroll
along the bank
of the river side
the side the river is on
cause on the other side
there is no side
only the other side
of the river

Whilst walking along
the river bank
at the side of the river
a tree was espied
just up from the side
of the river side
and the tree
leans hopelessly –
for one day
it will surely slide

Into the river
– at a push
sloping off
the river bank
into the river
from the side

And to stop the kids
swinging on the branch
lest they slip and slide
away – into the ‘tide’
it is fenced-off
from the bank
– high and impenetrable
is the fence
for safety’s sake

Preventative medicine
one might say

Tampering with nature
on the other hand
is not always the way
For danger looms at every
cut and turn

But as I say –
strolling along the bank
some talk of
their lucky stars to thank

But superstition is out
you see
Hocus-pocus – means a zero
– zero tolerance
it receives from me.

And as I stroll
along the bank
No fish I see –
past the river bank
Nor surfacing
– no splash is found

No place to sit
no lost fish
over which to frown

Nothing to stop
the slippery slope
all the way down

All the way down
from the river bank
at the side
of the river
I sank.

’Til my feet hit
the strong branch
but just in time

I remain unwet –
dry to an extreme
“Saved the day”
the branch did say
in a whisper I didn’t hear
Sudden fear
had departed
as quick as it
was here

For the river was deep
That’s what
all the fuss is about
And not falling in
But staying out

Is really
the best course
of action to take

So enjoy the scenery
– River,
river bank,
nature and all
at the side

Terra firma no less
keeps you safe
and still


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