Life is a Painting


Life is a painting.
There it is –
dated five years ago
All this life of paintings
is spread out below

But my mind has it
as a mere pittance of
moving time
It seems yesterday
– but I’m – Five years
further down the line

Go through your life
shuffling paintings
like a pack of cards
Painting by painting
stacked up
Your eldership it disregards

No respect for your
frozen-framed mind
It shall go on
in it’s journey
to further fields apart

“You painted it when did you say…?”
Some will like it – others:
“Do you call this art?”

Lock me into this covered surface
Let me stay there for a ten minute spell
And I will think it was yesterday
When – in reality – I cannot tell

For the art exposes
minimal ability
to escape the march of time
What’s been done – will be done
Living with paintings that rhyme

And if anyone wants to keep
Your moving hand and
shapes increase
Then let them have it
For like those gone before
– you – will cease

Painting is here to stay
But gone tomorrow
Some say ‘Never!’
Just beg, steal or borrow

Life is like a painting with
It’s diary of visual effect
Memories recorded
On which to reflect

‘That…that occurred when…’
‘I painted that immediately after…’
‘It was during winter time – I think…’
‘Or was it amidst summer laughter?’

Life is like a painting
Yet it stands still in rectangular frame
Moment by moment your history
Your spent energies – it will claim

Painting is a life on white paper
From a tree
Colours spreading out – as far as
The eye can see

Painting – a life of recorded visual effect
A genre or a message or a narrative
An abstraction or a statement
Design elements – imperative

Anyway, any how, any more to say?
Best to leave this painting for another day.
Leave this life for another day too
If not said in words
– paint will have to do



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