Early beginnings

first watercolour better


I came across this little painting again, after many years. It used to hang in my late mother’s apartment.

Though the memory of producing it, is very vague, I remember that it was a copy from an ‘encyclopaedic-type’ book. It might even have been in black and white.

It was painted in my pre- or early teens. It could well have been my first attempt at a watercolour. And I’m somewhat marvelling at its simplicity and yet correct tonal expression.

The faint pencil lines show through. The tree/bush green to the left is fainter than the green capturing the closer trees to the right. There is a tiny little figure in the sail-boat to the right – I can’t believe I indicated it – as small as it is. (approx 1mm). Bear in mind that my art education was practically zero at this stage.

I have no idea who the artist was – that I was copying. At the bottom right I have written: either ‘Rodin or Robin copy by D. K. Riddles’.

Does anyone recognise it? What painting is this child using as his reference point? The reference point was probably about 3 inches wide. And the finished painting is 9” x 7”.

Painted with cheap pan paints, not even on watercolour paper, with again the cheapest of small brushes. I embrace it as my own!

To be able to go back in time and take a look over my own shoulder – my – that would be interesting!


5 thoughts on “Early beginnings

      1. Yes and no. I did not start doing art until I was about 40 and I have taken a few classes here and there, but I am pretty much self-taught, so no classwork, really. I do have photos of most of my work, but I don’t view them the same way you expressed in your post. I think back to younger years and what I have pride in or feelings for – really, not much. I do tend to be a person living in the present and I’m happy to be here compared to other times. Hmmm. You gave me a lot to think about here!

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        1. I always find the term ‘self taught’ a strange one. I know what you mean – so I too am self taught. But my thought is ‘Isn’t everyone?’ – our unique fingerprint is on all we do anyway. My nostalgic streak surfaces sometimes. Memories of mum etc. But you are right to live for the present. Thanks for sharing.

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          1. This has given me something to think about. I have taught many art classes. So I taught, but was it that the students learned, and it is not the teaching, but the learning? Same thing for me calling myself self-taught. Anyway. Interesting to think about. Thank you.

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