Many voices


The mystery of life –
The many voices spill their explanations

Demanding respect for what they say
They pinball off each other in debate

Many kinds of voices
None without significance

Saying what they say
convinced they are right
– as all others are wrong

Holding to their own words
in ferocious muse
Contradicting each other
with blind abandonment

How can this be?
How can such ‘wisdom’
in – own conceits – rule?

Never taking notice of
their contradictions
towards each other’s ‘flow’

Not for a moment will they consider
That the God-man’s savour
is life unto life

His words surpassing that of any other

Not for long enough
will this be
their soliloquy

Rather they defy.

That they should acquiesce
will not cross their minds

the same minds that set
hard heads to advance
and demand that they are right.

One or two will get through
to the disenchantment stage

moral collapse
and repenting unto life.


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