Gung-ho or preachy stuff?


Gung ho – in the extreme
Not stopping to think
what it might mean

Dashing in –
where angels fear to tread
Leaving the blindfold on,
As one would – going to bed

That kind of guy –
is it you or is it I?
Hit life – full-on –
worry afterwards
After we die?

Now’s the time but not for you?
To stop – think things over
Before life is through

‘Don’t give me none of that
Ragga muffin music man’
I heard that – somewhere –
tell me where – if you can?

But I digress –
‘though it’s unknown to me
In contrast
The afterlife’s assured
by believing in the three

Father Son and Holy Spirit –
three in one –
Just are.
None other.
Salvation won.

Free gift to receive
at the price of self
on the altar
Where there is nothing to do
but sing from the psalter

To bask in forgiveness. –
But it’s true
No words can tell
until you find it too

Just another peddler of
preachy stuff
Run away – and stay
in limbo’s handcuff

Gung ho –
Dashing in.
Angels tread.
Asleep in bed?

‘Who knows when you will go?’
the preacher said.


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