Communication all amok
Regardless of the time on the clock
Happens any time of the week
Through any means by which we speak
Social media as it’s known today
Many ways to have your say

But will you have a clue about my words?
If you don’t get it – just listen to the birds
Might as well, when all’s said and done
‘Cause not understanding isn’t much fun
You think I mean a certain thing
But it’s different hymn sheets from which we sing

I make my sentences plain
But you ask me to ‘come again?’
Misunderstanding at an epidemic high
“What antidote is to be found” we sigh
You hear it – as you want it to fit
You reshape my meaning ’til it’s counterfeit

With the eclectic mix of:
‘your guess as good as mine’
Many seek – but never find
Everything’s relative – and nothing’s concrete
Regardless of what is said –
or how much I repeat

The Like button is hit – but I must admit
I still don’t think you’re getting it
Then again how am I to know?
Because your visit is touch and go
A little disconcerting – when
you interpret it
to mean
something I don’t get

“How can they get that-out-of-that?”
They have made it – what it is not
Broadly known as New Age
Pan-everything-ism – out of it’s cage
It makes meaning – mean what it wants
‘I will arrest your words’ it taunts

At the end of the day there is no success
Found in many ‘likes’ – if it doesn’t
Process – information correctly as it should be
You pat me on the back but we don’t agree
I said ‘this’ – you thought ‘that’
Still – no point in entering into combat

I will still be your friend though we disagree
When you don’t see eye to eye with me
Word dilemmas – communication breakdown
You think to ‘credit – where credit’s due’
But It’s misplaced
because it’s not what I meant

I’m thinking –
we all need to repent.


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