Blogger’s Relationship

Blogger’s relationship

I’m in your routine
And you are in mine
We do not
exchange handshakes
or hugs
But you – I have met
I – you have met
We meet in your words
We meet in mine
I leave you with what I say
I’m left with your thoughts
Switch off –
too much speculation
Switch on –
to what speaks
Give the second chance
to what is said
As with you –
so with me
You are in my routine
I’m in yours
By your likes
I know
you stop by
and moments are
given to me
As I give moments to you
But that is it
Time to move on
to the next one
in our routine
As each receive
their moments
in our moments
we give
You are in my life
I am in your life
But that’s it –
Goodbye ‘til
the next time

When I will be
in your mind
by my words
And you in mine
by your words
This relationship will
start and stop and
stay and go
Until the next day
When you will enter
my routine –
yet again.


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