sun dont smokejpeg

…or does it?


Now there* is an interesting word.
Let’s get the dictionary definition –

predisposed (ˌpriːdɪˈspəʊztd)
inclined to or susceptible to beforehand…

That’s the nutshell of how I’m considering the word. Surely being predisposed can be either a good thing or a bad?

Being a racist means we are predisposed to snubbing or at worst hating someone from a different race than ours. Unacceptable.

If we rise each day and go jogging because we are predisposed to exercise – can’t be bad don’t you think?

If someone, through army training, are predisposed to keeping things tidy and in order – it surely can’t be bad?

Being predisposed to stealing, having acquired the habit unchecked through a spoilt childhood of always getting our own way in everything. As Goofy would sing: “well, the world owes me a livin’ . A predisposition – that needs changed.

We can often quickly detect if on visiting someones blog, we are not going to gel with what they have to say. And often on further examination – our opinion will not change, but I’m trying – through self-examination, to detect if I have any predispositions on things I ought not to.

So I guess I’m simply saying: ‘How about catching it on, if we – too readily – dismiss the beginning of someone’s post, without giving it due consideration, because we have a bias or predisposition to reject the subject’, or reject the first expressed opinion we encounter.

There are certain subjects, posts, we pretty much know right away – ‘not my cup of tea’.

But let’s go for the two(?) minute rule.

At least Survey the post just to make sure.
(Give it two minutes of our time.)

As a rule of thumb, does that seem fair?


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