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Dutch Interior

dutch interior
Dutch Interior (Pencil)

Blog dilemma? 😎


From time to time I have been contemplating starting another blog.
The reason being – that I am often ‘tossed’ between my role as a teacher/preacher and that of an artist, when it comes to ‘blogging content’.

The blog I have contemplated starting, is to give an airing to the major part of my life – namely my spiritual walk with The Lord Jesus Christ.

I read blogs with Christian content – and I conclude they are written for Christians. But just wonder sometimes what kind of audience the authors consider themselves to be addressing?

In my present blog I have explained the wearing of ‘different hats’ to mean that the blog is a mixture, incorporating different aspects of my life’s engagement.

But I am seeing the need to share a lot more of what I have received spiritually. And so the thought of a new blog, seems to be the solution.

For those kind enough to take an interest, who can spare a moment of their valuable time – please pray with me.

The plan at the moment is to separate (and add to) the Christian teaching from the seedsinmotiontruthnart blog and transfer it to a new blog. Leaving the present blog’s content to be mostly art and poetry.

Help me too – with the following query:- it’s commendable that WordPress is free. But does this ‘privilege’ extend to having more than one blog free? Perhaps someone can inform me if this is normal or possible?

Meantime I remain – still – Yours Truly – seedsinmotiontruthnart.