Monthly Archives: August 2017

Dog driving



There is a dog’s head floating in my rear-view mirror
Musn’t get distracted while driving
But look again – how can an animated dog’s portrait
Find it’s way like a floating balloon?
I adjust at the traffic lights and stare more fully
Into the mirror
And then I see it is the glass in the car behind
that adds the transparent sun-kissed mirage-illusion of the body-less hound
It’s head actually stuck through the half lowered window
I try to see if there is a dog driving, according to these sun-staccato’d windows of deception.


I stare at the wall
In the waiting room
Its raining outside
A number of folks stand-by
The bus will leave soon
It means going out in the rain
My eyes wander
Other eyes stare at the wall
One pair of eyes wander
And as though synchronized
Both sets – land on the clock face
Five minutes to go
Soon it will be like we are rescued
When we reach the bus seats
Cause it rains cats (lions) and dogs (wolves).