Poetic Interlude II


They are in an awful hurry to take sides

Opinion against opinion – doth arise

But they all look the same to my eyes

Just different variations on a theme

All races have eyes – that makes ‘em the same

All have noses ears and backsides

Seem the same to me

i.e. outwardly we recognise.

However inwardly –

all humans can be a surprise

Personalities differ from troop to troop

If I ever meet two the same – I’ll keep you in the loop

‘Cause you see – you ain’t me – and I ain’t you

And if you want to be me – I’m afraid

there’s nothing you can do.

You are – who you are – who you are – is a surprise

by what you come-out-with from inside

And only as I hear your friendly greeting

Will the experience be a pleasant meeting

Peace man!’ My generation used to say

Is peace what you are looking for today?

Let’s tolerate – we won’t all agree

But I’ll treat you with respect – if you treat me…

To a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.

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