Poetic Interlude XV

It seems I am in a poetic frame of mind, lately. This is poem 15 – take a walk via the ‘old posts’ option at the bottom of this page – to find other Roman numeral headings of previous interludes. If you are so inclined.



Don’t conform to the chloroform of unawareness

We know the signs of the weather but life even less

What’s happening in the bigger picture of things?

Events, events – all in array – see what the next event brings

We peer through the screen, of television, you tube or phone

And see the confusion, the missing chord – not found

Some locked-into their own little world – shutters down

Just getting past negative-emotion’s frown

It’s enough to be staying stable on settled ground

Through breakfast lunch and tea – supper bound

Another day gone through – welcome sleep enshrouds

We Rise the next day to face ‘the maddening crowd’

But the beat goes on – the heartbeat of your daily routine

You look for the new, something extraordinary in your scene

Life peppered with new art, new clothes, new opinion

Hoping to stay bolstered-aloft, above the grime ’s dominion

Damage limitation – is the aim of some

Break out – exercise – jump from the hum-drum

Settling yourself after momentary gain

It’s ‘back in the old routine’ dealing with the strain

So you are not going to live on a deserted island

You’d rather make the best of emotion’s valley or highland

You have a holiday coming up – look on the bright side

Or – wait for it – the spiritual punch – ask The Son to abide.

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