Poetic Interruption I

To the observant – we have moved from ‘interlude’ to ‘interruption’, perchance I get lost on the Roman numerals. I’m still in poetic mode – before I return to weightier matters. Interruption is not as soft a word as interlude. Nevertheless, I Trust it will be a pleasant interruption in your day.


You have in mind

Some kind

Of plan not in view

A cerebral plot

Is all you’ve got

But it may not come true

What to do…?

The whole week planned

Every address scanned

One by one you will visit friends

And ask them for the small loan

And ask them to stand by you

What a pickle you’ve gotten into

What a dilemma ensued

This is your last chance

to make amends

After this – entrepreneurship – ends

Still – if friends be friends indeed

You will succeed

And out of the ashes – rise

It’s a great idea – but it’s all you’ve got

One more bite at the cherry

To carry out that plot

But as each – pats you on the back

And money finds no exchange

You at last consider that

Maybe – you – have got to change?

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