It isn’t fake


Here’s the thing see –

To be part of a ‘motley crew’

Means I’m in – or out – with you

‘Cause you have your own ideas

About people worth knowing

If they’re not your fit

Then you will be going

With disdain written on your face

I won’t be visiting your place

‘Cause that same face says it’s true

“He’s one of that motley crew”

The ones you don’t give much time to

Leading me to say:

The idea of the world in harmony

Well – it ain’t going to be

It’s a lovely idea – aim for it

But when – we don’t agree

You just watch and see

Mud-slinging and all that grime

Is the grand result of no intertwine

Try as you will it’s a bitter pill…

To reconcile folks torn apart

Where do we start?

So I’ll tell you what

Although you’re not of my persuasion

I’ll lend a hearing ear

To your part of the equation

Stick to harmony

For harmonie’s sake

Here’s a hand of love

and it is not fake

However if fake I will not be

I do have to say I want you to see

That where I follow – you cannot be

Because oil and water never mix

Stephen on the end of a brick

Was a friend you may not pick

For him – this world’s ways could not be

His life ended with a Martyr’s crown

Where does that leave you and me?

Stephen’s Father is mine that’s all I can say

I wouldn’t have it any other way

I grit my teeth but still helpless remain

Dependant on our dad – my faith is not in vain

Stephen fell – calling on Our Father

His harmony rejected –

Executioners didn’t want to know

Why this man disturbed them so

So by all means reach out the friendship hand

But water and oil don’t mix you will soon understand

The Redeemed of mankind – say so

Their harmony is a united faith –

They are all wrapped and ready to go

Acts 7

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