Poetic Interruption V


He set off on another journey

His life was journey-bound – 

Everything was another journey

He couldn’t stay still for a season

Still young – still breezing about

Pillar to post – friends housed-him

Girls helped-him – but never got a ring

– On the phone or – on a finger

Vagabond – the hip way to be

In his own eyes money didn’t matter

But he used it when he had it

Used it to make another discovery

Collecting discoveries like old bills

Some relevant to keep – in reminiscence

Others cast away or thrown

on the experience heap

Once again he wears that studious frown

across his brow – and he starts to think:

‘Bus station – hired car – walk the rest’

Call-in on someone half-known

Someone from first-time-round

Things didn’t always work out

On revisit –

doors were slammed

as past hurts – hadn’t passed

and forgiveness

for his exploitive-deeds didn’t flow

So he turned on his heels

Down on his uppers

And struggled through

’til the next idea

Would he do this all his life?

Loyal to the road – and addicted to something

Dishevelled and smelling of nicotine?

Or would he climb back on the wagon

And head for a far-off land

Remain reclusive and while-away the hours

‘Gauguin-romantic’ of unreality?

But of such – were some of you

until family beckoned and feet were

firmly placed on the ground

And imagination provided

the next journey to never take…

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