Poetic Pause X

(Just back from a break)


“ ‘A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square’

I have no idea where that came from –

I might have heard that song once or twice”

In my head I will try to add some rock to it…

‘Fill your head with rock’ – she remembered

An LP cover with a little boy holding a pink seaside rock

She tried to turn ‘…Berkeley Square’ into

Rock around the Clock’

But Bill Haley was before her time

So she had to stop

Nightingales singing –

‘I’m a Nightingale myself…

I have sung in church choirs

Long ago mind you – but I did it’

‘Like a Bird on a Wire – like a drunk in a…’

Her thought was interrupted by a

bird hitting the window

She couldn’t believe the coincidence

Rushing outside –

sure enough a wounded bird lay on the pathway

She tried to help it – but it fluttered away into

a dark corner below a hedge

‘What do you do with an injured bird?’

‘I’m not even into nature’

She thought

So she left out water and some bits of bread

The next day the bird was gone

And so was the bread

And so was the song….



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