Poetic Pause XVI


A nice safe life

A nice safe wife

An over-exuberant cat

A slippery mat

Life’s admixture

And all that…


A big old-fashioned car

That would never start

The grass on the front lawn

Uncut with weeds in every part


Each day – past the window I went –

peering just to check


He sat in that chair

I could see his back

He never seemed to move

From that spot

Curtains opened

Showing all that he’d got

In his sparse living room

Of ancient wallpaper

And atmosphere of gloom


Except for the telly

That bright glowing antique

He seemed spellbound – quite unique

TV kept from time-immemorial

It seemed to give an uncanny glow

As though

Each ray had caught his head


“Stay here until you are dead”


And then one day – on my way

Habitually passing and sideways glancing

I was stopped in my tracks

His back was no longer there

And the glowing TV – extinguished


This stranger I saw each day

Had died and gone away

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