Unfinished Point


Now what is the sum total of the population’s mindset

As we drift and drift further from the truth?

What comes all-out into full view by the bleatings of the lips?

What manifests itself with one accord in disagreeing diversity?

These and many more questions could be asked

What is the fashion of things in the twenty-first century?

Let’s take a pause and just make a list of worthwhile attributes

But even in this we cannot agree

Some see no madness – some – nothing but

Am I trying in a roundabout way to make some profound point?

Profound? – You couldn’t spell it…” – says she to me

Well it’s P_R_O

“Save your breath – I’m being sarcastic – you obviously didn’t know?”

“Anyway get back on track – I think you have a philosophical turn of mind…”

Yes and no – that’s for me to know and you to find out

I will leave you now – as my ‘diatribe’ about the state of affairs is not appreciated –

I can sense your vibe

Let me close with a quote:

‘Et tu brute then die…’ all reason and normality must not be allowed to run amok or influence society and get it back on track


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