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Poetic Pause XIV

Early childhood

Common denominators of humanity

Space reaching out to give us a place to fill

Time spent looking at the silver screen

The obtuse sword broken in a swirl

Banshees of ancient myth – tilting to and fro

No truck with such things – give me the truth any day

The cinema of youth and Darby O’Gill

Seats of a certain smell and ice cream breaks

In the Curzon of many-worlds-combined, then

Walking on home – dad up ahead

Finding money with young proud heart

I’m so good at this – my little brain did conclude

Lovely days of safety at their side

My parents walk adjacent to the green

And I holding mum’s hand – trying to keep up

All those years ago

All those fondness-drenched memories

And even a grandpa who died before three

Only a photograph left – for me to see

Grandmother – grannie – “up Churchill!” said she

Such a wizened little lady I caught a glimpse of

And now her daughters four they be

All of that generation – gone

just like grannie