Faith is not feelings. How often have we heard this in Christian circles?

We often hear the saying that feelings follow faith. And thus it is so.

Its a bit of a paradoxical statement though.

 (Dict.: A paradox is a logical statement that seems to contradict itself).

Because sometimes an overwhelming spiritual experience e.g. the appearance of an angel can be ‘felt’/‘experienced’ and faith follows.

The whole idea however, of spiritual experience, or experiences involving some kind of sensory perception is open to all kinds of interpretation and we can find it hard to convey or communicate these perceptions. So that others will know exactly what we mean.

We must fall back on:

“Unless you too experience what I’m talking about – it will be foreign to you.”

Regarding ‘sensory perception’ the ‘experts’ tell us:

(This processing happens to be done through the organ, usually called “the senses” like hearing, vision, taste, smell, and touch. The sensory perception involves detecting stimuli and subsequently recognizing and characterizing it)

But what about ‘spiritual sensory perception’? 

This, if it is to take place, may initially involve the natural senses – but only in-as-much as when we hear with our ears  a message, or see a miracle take place (thus our natural hearing/seeing perception used) pre-empts the spiritual experience.

It is the spiritual senses that sense spiritual matters and reality. It is the human spirit that experiences the spiritual perceptions I speak of. This also involves the human mind.

But there are so many possible experiences pseudo or otherwise it is possible to ‘stray’ Into – that only God Himself can keep us on track.

Enter the word of God. Thank God that all ‘experiences’ must be weighed in the balance and subjected to the light – found in The Bible.

That’s why we are called to, and God is looking for, those who will worship Him in spirit, but also in truth. (John 4/23)

So let’s give ourselves to the Bible message, and seek all God has for us in His Presence.

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