‘burger tummy

‘burger tummy

Bleak and dusty day

Covered in ash from

somewhere in air-pollution

Don’t know the geographic’s

Am a Slouch when it comes to

air frequencies

What air streams are abutting?

Heavy-weather thrombi-head

Stern look – straight ahead

Weather to make us dead

Instead – I’m well fed

Weather effects me that way

Never buy hamburgers…

– now bought

And devoured –

tummy out a little more…

Scratching my head to see

where to go next

Strange place in one way

Strange without

your map and compass

Tentatively go – from

horizontal to slope

Like a goat

meandering –

I descend

Walk, slide, step and

finishing – jump

Get to the old-fashioned pump

Nice fresh water-flow-though

Refreshed with lingering

taste of onions

On lips (from the hamburger)

Anyone else enjoying this trip?

The air has diffused its

unknown intruder

And now I’m off down a road

thinking holidays are

not a bad idea after all…

This is replenishment and

reset resolve

Can it all be put down to a

‘burger tummy..?

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