Sugar-coated raspberry


I look out across the world

By means of screen’s

still and moving images

And writings here and there

And by all manner of observation

with listening ears

And everyone offers us the real deal

What is major to them – must be major to us

And everybody has a view

And everybody has need of ‘getters on board’

And some find and admit their need of love

And others seek the power and the money

Philosophy and policy and products presented

Policemen correcting and breaking the rules

Leaders missing the detail and using the broad brush

Tell us to ‘follow and all will be well’

And talk-show hosts keep us amused

And bankers on our toes

Blatant liars tell us they are true

And animal lovers – never want pups aborted

Only babies will do

And those who refuse to be judged

Judge the judgers

And it’s a mess – but sugar-coated raspberry

Or do you prefer strawberry jam?

Do you hold a view? – write to your MP

Which now seems the thing to do

All manner of voices ring in

our ears that are willing to listen

But the need for hearing-aids is growing

Drowned observations in the riotous crowds

Coming to the end of their tether

All shout-out to be heard above the wealth of dictators

Some try to find a place of quiet rest

Until again the engine of discontent revs up it’s refusals

‘What a world – what a world!’– is heard somewhere

It makes no difference to ‘Tutt tutt!’

It won’t do – but we do it anyway

We ramble in hope or despair –

It’s communication madness

Producing no resolve

So find your bandwagon and climb on board

You know you want to

Beat your drum – you will anyway –

without my permission

“What are you looking for?” – I hasten to ask

You say: “None of your business”

As you take me to task

We haven’t got very far

Only a note of a letter begun

The confusion has knocked me

into apathy’s cul-de-sac of numb

3 thoughts on “Sugar-coated raspberry

      1. Oh my goodness! I thought everyone knew who he was who is over 40.

        Do you remember riding in the car with your parents when you were a kid and the news would come on the radio then a commentator would come on who would tell an interesting story, but didn’t reveal who it was till the end? He would say, “and now for the rest of the story!”


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