Broken part

Broken part

The guy looks cooler in shades

The shades get warm in the sun

The sun beats down on our nervous frame

And we wonder – if we’ve lost or won?


The shade protects us in dark tree nook

Screwing up our face for another look

At the vastness of nature’s intricacy

With incomprehension – sad you might say


But peace has been found in The Son

All confusion ebbs to the beat of His drum

And standing as a stalwart before the by-and-by

I – press-on to the mark allocated beyond space or sky


It might seem that my poem has taken a strange turn

Mankind sits uncomfortably – at any prospect of burn

But it remains hidden to the blind man who can’t see

You can always ask if you want –

if you want – ask me


We all perform our song of life

Singing our tune of happiness or strife

Our story unfolds – all that is within

Some people listen thumb on chin


By the end of this piece you may wonder

What the point might be

This is a car engine that stutters and won’t start

So I will leave it in the garage

with a broken poetry part


The missing bolt out of the blue

Solders the parts to make something new

A complete picture comes into view

As – to your own surprise

Thoughts of the Son of God arise

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