No Hero/Anti-hero


All couched in dark language

You swing from paragraph to paragraph with ease

You look to see if you’re understood

Surveying the looks on the faces of friends around

To see if your words are falling to the ground


Slowly they get on board without you trying

to capture members for your institute

They seem to warm to your manifesto

But you are not the Count of Monte Cristo

Nor that Elusive Pimpernel


You are less than you project

But they need a plan to follow 

And yours is so matter-of-fact


You can’t get out of it now

You have talked too much

You have been hoisted on the shoulders

of their mind – made into a Che Guevara


You only liked listening to your own voice

But would never be a hero/anti-hero by choice

At the last minute you try to shy away

But the lots have been cast

And you are thrust to the throne


“Be our leader oh wise-words-one”


“I’m only a song and dance man”

You reply

Quickly trying to find an escape

Or jet aeroplane to the sky


The pen is mightier than the sword

They applaud and cheer and pedestal-ise


Your words are immortalised

The songs go on and save your hide

As legendary status is realised


At last left alone with your prize

You stutter to a close

And escape the lime

Shut away here – outa sight

Playing with paint and iron works


Even this

is to materialise –

The money you need to survive

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