I have been reminding myself of what is most important in life.

Two different bible versions tell us the following:-

33 But SEEK FIRST the kingdom of God…

33 But FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SEEK (aim at, strive after) His kingdom and His righteousness [His way of doing and being right—the attitude and character of God]…

I have purposely left the rest of the verse out…

For I want us to hear the main thrust of the verse when it comes to action we must take.


There is something that comes FIRST – and how easy it is, for it to be pushed into second, third, fourth or whatever place – down the list of the priorities of life.

And the result is – every negative thing one can think of happening on the earth.

Nations will not seek FIRST the kingdom of God. Cities will not seek FIRST…

Individuals will not seek FIRST…Churches will not seek FIRST…

Gangsters will not seek FIRST…

The kingdom of God is quite a comprehensive phrase when it comes to itemising the things of God.

THE KINGDOM refers to, or includes in the understanding of it, – 

  1. The King of the kingdom
  2. The subjects/inhabitants of the kingdom
  3. The rule of the kingdom (The Bible). One could add to this list.

Certainly the kingdom cannot be experienced without PRAYER.

Prayer FIRST.

Perhaps you will pray tonight – for the FIRST time?

Perhaps you will renew your priorities to include prayer FIRST.

Paul The Apostle tells us:

24 Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.

It’s not rocket science to realise that unless we are FIRST across the finishing line we will not receive the winner’s prize.

And the beauty of it is, there are no other competitors in this race. Inasmuch as it is not a competition. We run or fail to run – that’s it.

We run our own ‘Priority’ race – and we can still fail, if we do not seek FIRST… the kingdom of God. So run to God in prayer to obtain the prize.

We all, Christian or non-Christian start to miss out on priorities and allow things to slip.

That’s the body we are living in, we are prone to wander from God’s priority for us.

So perpetually it’s ‘back to the drawing board’ of learning, and a fresh commitment to SEEKING FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD…

Care to join me?

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