Strength of Humility


Now the scribes and the authors have

given us their words

And man exults in their earthly jive

All – holding out hands to affirm –

‘See there it is… and there you have it’

As though they are uncommonly wise,

Rather than servants of corruption

They accompany their ideas with a smile

But the fairy tale queen in disguise

suckered Snow White

And we too by giving too much import

Will die on sinking sand as we bow to their pride

For no man should offer a full

five-star response – if he is wise

Hold in reserve to realise that

man at his best is vanity

And besides, though catering to your need

Man’s solace ends at that place –

where it is engraved on a stone

No man ever spoke like this man –

that’s a different matter

That’s a different kettle of fish,

He spoke the words of spirit and life

He gave the words to end all strife

Peace that passes all understanding

As He stoops low – going to all lengths

With perfection – compassion and with humility

He shows us – He is The Rock of all strength

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