All Staggered to Completion


So here you are looking for hope in all this

Your engine has wound down to a standstill

And your frustrations have burst in steam

from your carburettor


Your well-oiled inner mechanism

Has rusted to the tune of your seeping lubricant

I’m adding insult to your injury

By using metaphors to seal your plight


You rise –

Hands pressing your head on either side

You can’t abide this anymore

You don’t need a shrink to explore

The inner frustration your life has made for itself


You stagger across another floor

Ten times wider than the one’s before

Like a drunken man in an amusement arcade

You press all passing buttons but the jackpot evades

You roll and rock your way past oncoming shoulders


Avoiding a punch – you hit the street

Sunlight contrasts in blistering heat

Your eyes on fire and screwed up to meet

A breath of semi-fresh air hanging about


This is your lot – all mental and felt

You must find help

You want to help yourself

Another stagger – a stumble – and a fall

– A crawl

Into a corner in the shade


This will have to do – to park your doubt

You join the throng of the thoughtful down-and-outs


Get to that agency of help

Find that pastoral hand outstretched

There you can moan and shout and yelp

Letting it all spill out – clean clear and without a doubt

Your full inner-self out on the floor

You won’t be needing it anymore

A new self you must find –

One washed and renewed and set on high


I speak of no earthly solace

And certainly not one in outer space

I speak of One who gives Amazing Grace

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