Make Some Art

Make Some Art

Make some art

As all appreciation is accompanied by smiles

Is it a dissertation – a poem – a scrawl?

A picture you painted – painted for the wall?

Is it a sculpted piece – minimalist and neat?

Or made of old phone books on a seat?

Make some art – re-contextualise your bed

Or go for a walk placing sticks along the path you’ve tread

Send out your message on blog vlog or instead

Say whatever comes into your head

And shout it out from your veranda

To passers by – like goosey goosey Gander

Make some art

Your appreciation will rise

If you take the time to create in any kind of guise

Splash the paint as your intuition may dictate

You are creative it isn’t too late

You are still in with a chance

To help civilisation advance

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