Fried Chicken


The smell of fried chicken
Wafting it’s way down the hill
The waft of fried chicken
Proud nose in the air on it’s trail
The sight of sizzling chicken
Now bought without – another thought
The taste of fried chicken
The vegetarian’s nightmare
You’re a working class lad
Chickening your way through the years
Last thing at night when other stomachs
Can’t abide or survive food of this kind
You devour and smile between each piece
Fried chicken – big part of your life
It represents an oasis of ‘calm’
Regardless of your bad night
Chicken at hand – makes it all right
Chicken fried – skin and all
Into your awaiting teeth
Chewed over – tasty – your favourite meat
How can something like food leave you like this?
As you smell – as you think – as you associate
Many days gone, many nights of stacked memories
All triggered by the smell of chicken-fry
I know you know what I mean
I can see you floating into a dream
It’s ok to feel that way
Now make your way – to KFC
But if you are health conscious
This may not gel with your conscience
Especially – ‘you need help’ – one might say
If it’s more than once a week

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