Invented impressions


Now if I was to impress you

This way or that

Impressed you were with an impression


As I dreamt-one-up in fake-guise of invention

Pierced through – is this world with un-genuine

Some take the time

to be as false as can be

Inventions and re-inventions

so that they too are confused

As to who they are and what they believe

Confusion not from God’s hand


Barely making it across the roofs

The retreating criminal nonetheless escapes

To ease down from his anxiety

Onto a late night bed

Rising at noon the next day

Living from hand to mouth

Any which way he can

He has lost himself

And cannot tell where to find him

Conscience gone in the pursuit of gain


He hopes to impress the girl

With an air and an impression

Of a got-it-together guy

Flashing the cash from ill-gotten gain

False industry – lazy as before

They marry until the money runs out

And the real man appears

As over and over he can’t support

His overworked waitress

with her constant retort

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